• They are the first project that used Fisher–Yates shuffle algorithm for provably random minting.
  • They are the first and only project to be delisted from OpenSea 3 times.
  • They are the first project to be DMCA'd by LarvaLabs.
  • They are the first derivative project to build a zero-fee marketplace.
  • They are the second project ever to create a zero-fee marketplace.
  • Phunks are a community of smart, talented, rebellious artists and builders.
  • They are passionate about decentralization and passionately against censorship.
  • Truly decentralized NFT both as an Asset and as a Community.
  • They are the first project that regained control of smart contract back from scam devs.
  • Phunks are NFT project that is actively contributing to public good by open sourcing all tools.
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