Since Cypherpunk's Manifesto and Bitcoin introduction to the world, people are able to transact directly without the need of central intermediary or rule-makers using blockchain technology. This technology empowered people to freely express their thoughts and views, in writings and Art, to the world without fear of being censored.
CryptoPhunks stand for those principles of decentralization, censorship resistance, public good, for the people and for the freedom.
Phunks are free-use, public domain Art, run entirely by decentralized community of artist and builders. There are no Devs, no Leaders, no Roadmaps, just Phunk Pham building cool stuff cause they care about Crypto and Decentralization.
Phunks are important part of the NFT history that raised important questions and discussions around ownership, copyright, conceptual art, CC0, blockchain provenance, touching on subjects like; Who decides what Art is? Do you really own your NFT?
As a community, Phunks challenge the status quo and power structures. For many, Phunks symbolise anti-establishment, counter-culture and are known for their rebel Spirit - constantly pushing the boundaries. Taking whole NFT ecosystem to move in the right direction of decentralization, public good, ownership and censorship resistance. Phunks were and continue to be BIG inspiration to many NFT projects that came after and share the same ethos.
If you hold a Phunk you actually own it, without fear that yours Phunks ownership can be resold from one Corporation to another as it happened to CryptoPunks and Meebits. That's the beauty of Crypto; Removing power from Corporations and giving power back to the People.

In times when VCs and Big Corporations are entering Crypto to claim ownership over your NFTs and extract huge profits, being a Phunk is more relevant than ever as a statement against centralization in this emerging Crypto evolution built on top of decentralized, open, permissionless system called blockchain.
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